Thin, Crisp

On vegetale oil

Quality that causes emotions...
and appetite

Classic oatmeal cookies creating according to the governmental standards and presented in convenient packaging with a variety of ingredients like: Cereals, Chocolate and everyone's favourite supplement, large raisins.

Our special oatmeal cookie

With the addition of natural healthy ingredients. Limited collection of amazing flavours from different different parts of the globe.

Siberian cranberry — Russia;
Maple syrup and Hazelnuts — Canada;
Famous French salted caramel — France.

We were able to make a series of cookie flavour while maintaining the colour, structure and natural composition of classic oatmeal cookies.


We use only siberian cranberry that we order only for the special collection.

and Maple Syrup

A bouqet of taste and aroma of maple syrup and hazelnut
Loved by gourmets all over the world


We added real frech caramel and achieved an exquisite taste of salty and sweet.

  • Natural composition
  • Government standart
  • No Dyes No Preservatives
  • Можно в пост
  • No GMO
  • Natural vanillin