Tasty, Healthy

"Without Sugar"

Art of Living or Art de Vivre

What does this concept mean? Such a close relationship fully corresponds to the French paradigm of getting pleasure from life.

The main idea in Art de Vivre - Freedom, freedom of choice no to deny yourself pleasure. Freedom of traditional taste, Freedom of life.

Ploydextrose - A low-calorie, sugar free, special carbohydrate with a low glycemic index, which is a prebiotic and is widely know as dietary fibre.

Maltitol - Natural sweetener that has the taste of traditional sugar, but is much less caloric and absolutely harmless.

The glycemic index - Relative indicator of the carbohydrates in food on changes in the blood sugar level. The change in glycemic index was tested experimentally on volunteer employees. This long-lasting and painstaking studies studies have shown that cookies have a low glycemic index.

No Preservatives and Artificial Dyes

We excluded Palm Oil, Trans fats, Dyes and preservatives. All this was tested in world leading laboratories.


Everything we make - we make with hard work and love.


No sugar. Only natural sweetener Maltitol, with the taste of traditional sugar.